Project Description

Enhanced distribution sites and offices with product testing laboratories are a key factor to the success of ALDI Stores in the UK.

ESL designed and installed new fire detection systems at the Atherstone site near Tamworth in Staffordshire. This involved the conversion of existing systems employing new site wide networked panels along with new warehousing and offices.

The changeover of existing devices on the existing M.I.C. cables was very exacting the system was kept active at all times and initially it was not fault free this proved difficult but ESL delivered this element to the required timescales.

The new offices and warehousing complex being built alongside the existing buildings pulling in a complex side wide diverse cable fault tolerant network of 6 by 4 Loop 200 zone panels. The information from all buildings was delivered using special developed software to a Siemens BMS system with a full graphics package believed to be the first one of its kind in the UK. The warehouse employed aspirating systems above the racks operating in normal temperatures. Adjacent to this warehouse was a -40C warehouse requiring specially sourced equipment capable of operating compliantly at these temperatures. ESL engineers delivered a compliant BS system which was fit for purpose in this extreme environment.